4 Pack / Lot Blue Color Flag Reflective Holographic Subdue Flag Sticker Decals 4"

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K9 Police Dog Blue Line Tattered Car Truck Window Bumper Laptop Sticker Decal 4"
4 Pack / Lot Blueline Reflective Holographic Subdue Flag Sticker Decals 4"
Measures 4" Inches Long Side

Please read below / directions for optimum use:
-Water resistant ink, durable, good quality vinyl sticker.
-Will last 6 Months - 1 year outdoors.
-5-10 years for indoors.
-To ensure longevity, do not constantly rub the ink or scratch it.
-It is fine to put on your vehicle and wash it, than dry it - But do not constantly rub it nor soak the sticker.
*** We do not advise to putting it on surfaces that will remain soaked in water for extended periods of time.
Due to the nature of the slick holographic material, the ink is very good quality, but over time of rubbing constantly / over soaking it, may break down the ink.***

Feel free to contact us for any questions, any time.