Butterflies Butterfly Flying Truck Window Bumper Sticker Decals White Vinyl 7.5"

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Vinyl Sticker Decal

Sheet measures 7.5" Inches long
Comes on a sheet, you can apply them all at once for the same look as the display photo, or 
cut them out with scissors, individually yourself for a custom placement look.

No background, only the white is the art work.
Made with outdoor grade adhesive vinyl, with an overlay of masking tape.

Guaranteed to last 5-7 years of outdoor life.

Apply only onto flat, dry, smooth, and clean surfaces only.
Want this in another color rather than white? See below!
After your purchase, if you'd like another color you may please submit your vinyl color choices here

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Please ensure you submit your color request right away - your order maybe shipped 5-6 hours after your purchase, so we want to ensure we receive the notes before production of your decal.